Stories Are Born to be Interpreted

I am a student and I usually get compulsory books to read from school. I am not really against it, as I like reading and I consider it very useful and enjoyable. Thus, I prefer reading literature. I find it as the best way of transmitting an idea.

Books contain stories and important information which are easily assimilated by any conscentious reader. Moreover, they pull our brain to improve our imagination, make predictions and try to understand the world, of course, in a personal manner.

Reading is not only a way of learning new data, but a complex way of enjoying yourself and elate your spirit. I am also a writer and I know that writing a book is one of the most noble way of expressing feelings, emotions and opinions. After I have written my first book, a lot of people asked me what I wanted to transmit by it. I told them I forgot, though, because I know we all have different perceptions on the world. All readers understand a story totally different. It would be cruel to disclose a world of mystery, born especially for interpretation.


The Art of Writing

Writing¬†is more than a simple way of communication… It is more than a couple of words thrown on a dusty piece of paper, it is beyond the reality and the comfort zone of anyone. Writing is a way of life.

As a reader, I can admit that writing transposes you to magical worlds, where every element combines with talent and ambition to create the most important thing: The story. We can talk about Andersen’s fairy tales, Kafka’s stories or Dickens’ novels, because in every book a relevant story is knitted carefully. A story caries a message within it and it is full of symbols and paragraphs waiting to be interpreted. I believe that we all have different realities, we all understand the world different, we all have our own beliefs and tastes, so I consider that a book is personal. A reader will always relate details from the book to his personal life.

As a writer, I know that writing a book is not as simple as it may look. I think that a good story that has a strong message is art, no matter its length. I usually stick to writing around 100-200 pages, because I believe that the true emotion of a writer is better sent in short quantities. After I wrote my book and I published it, I understood that the writing, the words did not belong to me anymore, they were the readers’ words…¬† As a matter of fact, I welcome people to criticize my book, as I know I am not perfect and neither my writing. Moreover, critics is a sign that you did something good, paradoxically.

To conclude, I believe that once you fall in love with the noble art of writing, your life totally changes in a good way, the artist’s way.

Is Snow what makes Christmas Christmas?

Christmas is one of the oldest traditions in the world. People around the globe, every time on the 24th of December, prepare themselves for this magical celebration by decorating their homes with colourful lights, baking Christmas cakes and, one of the best, setting up the Christmas tree. Families seat at the same table, tell stories and eat turkey and then, when they look outside the steamed window, they see snowflakes falling and burrying their gardens in a white and soft snow blanket.

Or not…

I think that snow became one of the primary symbols for Christmas, especially in Europe. We are all amazed by the beautifulness of the white panoramas that go hand in hand with Santa and his sleigh.

In Australia, snow is something rare. Because of the global warming snow will soon become infrequent and could ruin some ideas about Christmas. I still hold my word, though, Christmas is not really about snow, it is about giving, about trying to be better and about the birth of Jesus. If snow fails to join us, I say there is no problem.

It is us that make Christmas Christmas. And our power to love our families and to do better in anything.